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A very warm Welcome to Caprodo Dry cleaners Do you want to start your Laundry & Dry cleaning Business. We are providing franchise & training

Caprodo is a complete Platform to all the laundry & dry cleaning needs Caprodo not only provides franchise but also its provide training. YOUR ONE STOP SOLUTION

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Dry clean

Dry clean is a process in which chemical solvent other than water is used.


Caprodo is first in class to Introduce Hygienic Laundry with 12 fragrances.

Wet clean

Its the latest technology. It uses water as a base rather than the solvent.

Deep sofa cleaning

The sofa is clean with form base, all spots are removed....


A careless garment make a day perfect! It's not important to wear costly it's important to wear clean.

Shoes Dry clean

A person's personality is reflected in his shoes.

Our Secrets

This Is The Reason Why Our Customers LOVE us.

Wet clean technology

Most advanced technology also used by America and Europe, It has no smell and all type of garments can be processed in it even Leather.


We only use certified products. Caprodo has perimeters, Only those products which match the level are selected.

Delivery on Time

In spite of heavy traffic, we at caprodo make sure that your garments reach on time.

12 Fragrances

Our Dry clean is smell free, Shocked! Wait there is one more thing we use 12 Fragrance 1 for every month.

Trained Professional Staff

CAPRODO INSTITUTE OF DRY CLEAN AND LAUNDRY. We are first in the industry to have an institute,

Best in class Cleaning Agents

In caprodo, we only use those cleaning agent which are skin-friendly and Advance. We have a very strict perimeter when it comes to quality.


Join Our hands and step in the Journey of 5200 Cr.

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