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CAPRODO - The Official Dry clean Laundry & wet clean company.

We provide the best in class and affordable Dry clean & laundry solutions for homes as well as hotels, sap, and many other industries. In today’s hectic life people have less time to do their laundry because both couples are working nowadays. Caprodo brings affordable and premium services at their doorstep. 

Caprodo is first in class to provide most Hygienic laundry by using antimicrobial solutions for every customer without any add-on pricing. It has established for benchmark in delivering garments creaseless. We have the vision to provide hazel free laundry and dry-clean in India and Abroad. Caprodo believes in opting best in technologies and expertise.

We have introduced the ultimate franchise model

Caprodo- The Live studio


We think we are the best  Dry cleaner because we have-

  1. Premium Live studio with 100% efficiency | One of its kind |
  2. Patented wash program. ( First in India )- No competitor can copy us.
  3. Certifications.
  4. 100% green detergent. ( environment friendly)
  5. Leather cleaning. (Advance)
  6. 100% programable machine. 
  7. Tie-up with big companies. ( Cost-effective)
  8. Sofa cleaning. ( Onsight)
  9. Express press service.
  10. Laundry/premium. 
  11. Wet cleaning. ( Advance)
  12. Premium Hand dry cleaning (smell free) for Designer complex garments.



We are the first company in India to open an institute, Caprodo Institute of Drycleaning and Laundry ( CIDL ). 




We have one Tag line

"You do thing professionally you get professional results"

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