How to open Laundry and dry cleaning Business | Different models|
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Is dry cleaning and laundry franchise profitable in India?

The mixture of both franchise is profitable. let's find out.

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Is water used in dry cleaning?

No not at all, let see what are the type of solvent used in the process of dry cleaning.

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How do I start a dry cleaning business?

Starting a dry cleaning business is quite easy . Lets find out what you need to start it

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Is Dry cleaning or laundry franchise profitable?

Let's talk about dry cleaning and laundry Franchisee separately. There is much to understand before concluding anything

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Is dry cleaning a good investment?

Dry cleaning is a better investment than Laundry investment. The profit margins more.

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How profitable is a dry cleaning business?

There is no doubt that training is one of the most profitable business in the service industry. One Thing you should consider is dry cleaning is more profitable than laundry business. Dry cleaning is a game of quality while Laundry is a game of quantity

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What it is like owning a laundromat?

Wow, it feels really great, and there are several reasons why it feels so great. Don't wait just start!

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are laundromats a dying business?

Well in India the answer is no. There is no doubt it's the need of the growing economy.

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Why do laundromats fail

There are many reasons why they fail, but it also depends on the business condition of a country.

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How do I write a laundromat business plan

Writing a business plan is the first thing. If you are able to write a successful business plan then definitely you are able to win half the battle.

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