Is dry cleaning business Profitable
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Is dry cleaning business Profitable

Is dry cleaning business Profitable?

Is drycleaning a profitable business this is one of the most important questions one should ask before opening a dry cleaning shop? In just one word I can say that yes dry-cleaning is a very profitable business indeed.


Margins involved in the dry-cleaning business:

In India, most of the dry cleaning is done by hand, or laundry is done by skilled workers in the name of Dry cleaning. When it comes to this kind of dry cleaning, margins are really very high. The reason is that there is no need for electricity or expensive chemicals in the processing. In this kind of dry cleaning, the margins are more than 80%.

In a professional dry cleaning, whether a Drycleaner is using a perk machine or a multi solvent hydrocarbon machine. The margins in are nearly 62%.


Profit in Dry cleaning business:

A high profit is involved in the dry cleaning business. If we talk about in figures this pure profit after subtracting labor charges, electricity, chemical cost, transportation, & pressing cost it’s nearly 38% to 45%. This pure profit is quite high when we compare it to other businesses.

The only problem or we can say that business problem is that, the dry-cleaning Business faces downtime. If Drycleaner is giving optimum level of quality, then this problem can be solved easily. The dry cleaning business is all about quality.


As we have talked about the valuation of the dry cleaning and laundry industry there is no doubt that this industry has a lot of potential and a lot of margins involved in it.

In the past few years, we have learned that dry-cleaning is not a K.G business as some of the people are doing it on a kilogram Business model.



To achieve high profitability in a dry cleaning business one has to take care of 3 things


1.Location of the shop

The location of the shop is the most important factor in the dry cleaning business. If you open the shop in a lower standard area or a middle or a low-income group area then no matter how great is your quality, the customer is always going to fight for the Discount which in terms, leads to fewer profit margins. Where else if Dry Cleaners open his shop in a posh area where high-income group customers are there then he is going to make a good profit margin without giving a discount because high-income group customers always pay for the quality and don’t bargain on discount.

2.Highest level of quality

If you are planning to open a dry cleaning shop then one thing you should understand that dry cleaning is all about quality and nothing else. If you don’t compromise on quality then there is nothing in the world that can stop you from making all large indeed a very large amount of profit in this business.


3. Loyalty of customers

Dry-cleaning is a loyalty-based business. As we go to the same Barber so as in the case of Dry Cleaners customer. Most of the customers are loyal to the same shop. The customer will only and only leave you if you have a bad quality or you have spoiled one of his clothes and don’t give him the compensation.


Just take care of the above three factors and you will be invincible

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