Laundry Business plan
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Laundry business plan

Opening a laundry business in India is very easy. The laundry business is indeed a great choice. Laundry businesses can be opened in two ways either in a laundromat format or in an O.P.L (on-premises Laundry) both are perfect models. Laundromats can be opened in the area where there are P.G which means where there are companies and people are living as paying guests. A small laundromat can be opened in a society. A laundromat can also be opened in a marketplace where most of the consumers are middle-income groups.


And 0PL or and on-premises Laundry is up Laundry which is open on the premises of either a hospital or a hotel. All the machines are installed in the basement of a hotel or a hospital. In OPL you only do the processing of the respected hotel or Hospital and no outsource job is done in this kind of laundromat.


In this blog, we will only talk about the laundromat which we can open in our society or in a marketplace.


To open a laundry business you need to know about


  • Machine required

  • Chemical required

  • Electricity load

  • Water

  • Manpower

  • Monthly expense

  • Investment




Machine Requirement to start a Laundry business


The requirement of the machines depends on how many clothes you want to process per day. To know about the calculation check this blog out. But to start with a small amount of processing power you need,

  1. A washer extractor
  2. Dryer
  3. Boiler 4Kw
  4. 2 press table
  5. Spotting table
  6. Brushing area
  7. Packaging machine.



These all kinds of machines depend on your quantity.



The chemical requirement to start a Laundry business


The requirement of Chemicals in the Laundry business is very simple. You need a

  1. sporting kit
  2. a cuff and collar Chemical,
  3. a good laundry detergent,
  4. an emulsifier,
  5. A beach.
  6. softener
  7. a sour/neutralizer.


To start with the laundry business 1 should have at least one set of each chemical and they can order according to their needs.



Electric load requirement to start a Laundry business


Electric load mostly depends on the capacity of the machine that you are going to install in the laundromat but for a general idea, you need 12 to 15 KG of minimum load while starting a laundromat. It is also essential to understand that most of the heating process in the laundromat should be done by gas cylinders. So to minimize the electric load one should opt for gas-heated dryers.


Water requirement to start a Laundry business


To start with one should have at least 2000 L of water capacity per day. It may increase with time. If you are using powder chemicals then the tedious of the water should be below 200 TDS. If you are using a dosing pump and liquid chemicals then the tedious of the water can be hired but should not be higher than 450 TDS. Always remember that no matter what you have to install a water filter in the inlet of the machines. This water filter is used for commercial purposes and you can clean it on regular basis. It will not only protect the machines but also increase the life of your metal.


Manpower requirement to start a Laundry business


Usually, to start a laundry business one need to have at least four employees in the laundromat.

  1. Master
  2. Pressman
  3. Manager
  4. Pick up boy/helper



The salary of all the employees depends on their experience and can vary from place to place. But it is advisable to use hundred per cent programmable machines so that the process is not dependent on workers and it’s free from manipulation.



Monthly expenses to start a laundry business

A monthly expense can range from 45,000 to 98,000 depending on the area where you have started your laundromat. This can be increased if someone is opening a laundromat in a Metro political city like Mumbai and Delhi. The main reason for the High operating cost is the rent involved.



Investment involves starting a laundry business


The laundry business can be started with an investment of just Rs.5 lakh. The investment can vary up to 18,00,00 rupees depending on the type of laundromat you want to open in the area you want to open in.




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