What is a laundromat
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What is a laundromat

What is a laundromat?


Well by definition a laundromat is a place where clothes are washed. In India, the largest laundromat is in Mumbai. In India, clothes were washed in a place called Ghobi Ghats. Basically, a new version of dhobi ghats is Laundromats.

The concept of laundromats started in America in the starting and generally spread to European countries as well. In the early time, they had self-service but later on, they start with coin laundry. So the customer has to purchase coins according to the load. Pressing was available in some of the laundromats.  Let's find out the million-dollar question.


Will laundromats work in India?

Well in short, NO they will not work in India. But yes they will work in India after 2030. The reason is that India is a Money Poor and Time rich country and in countries like ours people have ample time to do their laundry. But yes India is going in that direction.



HOW can I run my laundromat successfully?

This is the most asked question I have encountered so far. If you have set up a laundromat don’t worry you can still get befit from it by introducing new services. Like sofa cleaning, dry cleaning and car cleaning services. In today time only Gurugram and Bengaluru are doing good in the field of laundry and the reason for it is couples are working and don’t have time to do their laundry on their own. So they are opting for the laundromats.


Profit in laundry business?

Laundry is a profitable business and there is no doubt you can earn a handsome amount of money in this business.

The profit can range from 48.27% to 62% depending on the type of work you are doing


So I wish you all the best

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