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How we started Dry cleaning  Business

We started a dry cleaning business in 2016 with a small shop. It was a collection point old school type. You know what I mean. We use to collect clothes and deliver them to the plant, they use to process them and deliver them to us after processing, and then we use to deliver it to the customer. Basically, it was all the same as what others were doing. 








In 2018 We went to the laundry and dry cleaning expo in Mumbai. There we learn a lot of things and after coming back we started our first laundromat in Homes 121 Noida. It was a great success but we want to do something great something new. So to understand dry cleaning we started our own plant in Jan 2019. We were processing clothes from 21 outlets. We collected all the data to make a plane that was going to change the course of dry-cleaning in Indian history. 






Dry cleaning and laundry franchise model

After collecting all the data we started three models. These models were based on data and not all assumptions. Our boss once said, "You are not a business model selling company you are really a dry cleaner, give franchise so that people can earn money not only you". So we made 3 franchise models and an institute.




Our First Model was a collection center for Delhi - NCR

Our Second Model was Live Studio which was the benchmark for us for India and abroad

Our third model was Valosia cliste Dry cleaner model which was a premium dry cleaning studio.



We became the first company in India to open an Institue for laundry and dry cleaning we name it caprodo institute of laundry and dry cleaning. 


We had a wonderful learning experience in the past 4 years and now we are planning to be not the biggest company but the most trusted company in the sector of laundry and dry cleaning.

So this was our warm-up from a single shop to - Valosia Cliste Pvt. Ltd.

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