How to choose pre spotting machine
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What are pre spotting Machines

What are pre-spotting machines?

Pre-Spotting is defined as a process of removing spots (Dagh) with certain chemicals before the Cleaning process. It can also involve the Brushing of cuff and collars. The machine which is used in this process is called a spotting machine. This machine comes in different models and it comprises of a

  1. compress
  2. spotting table 
  3. boiler
  4. steam gun















A spotting table may or may not have an in-built boiler and an external boiler is needed for providing steam to the steam gun.


Spotting Station:

A spotting station is a one-stop solution for brushing and spotting problems. A spotting station may or may not have an in-built boiler.  You have to provide a water inlet water outlet and steam connection to it.



Mini Spotting Table:

This is used basically in Live studio model where there is less space. It doesn’t have a compress as well a boiler for steam. It has a tray to keep chemicals






















How to use: You can refer to live video for its use.


Brushing the stain: A normal toothbrush can be used to remove spots after applying chemicals.

But the most professional way is the use of a spatula to remove the stain




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