Dry cleaning and laundry franchise in India
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All about Laundry and Dry cleaning franchise

Hi, if you are reading this blog, I am sure that you’re looking for whether you should buy dry cleaning or laundry franchise. No doubt dry cleaning and laundry is a profitable business everywhere in the world. But before I answered this question you have to understand somethings.


When To buy a dry cleaning and laundry franchise?

Before you buy a franchise, you should ask yourself several questions. Number one is do you really want to do this business even if its franchise was not available. If Yes go for a franchise. Number two, are you getting Return on effort and Return on investment in the right time. Number Three, do they provide your training as well as trained staff to you and the most important


RTR or right is renewal is the term in which you have the right to renew your franchise because once your shop starts making a good amount of money company doesn’t renew the FDA (Franchise disclosure agreement) and starts their own shop in your area. You will find numerous examples in play school franchise. But in caprodo we give the right to renewal for 99 Years. You can download our franchise proposal.


If there is yes to at least 2 of them go for the franchise

Now the answerer to the question of whether

The dry cleaning and laundry business profitable in India





























Well without any hesitation my answerer is YES. And here is why. The dry cleaning and laundry industry is estimated to be 5200 Cr. In India. Moreover, the margin is more than 69% and India is a developing country, Most couples are working and they need someone to take care of their laundry and pressing needs. In today’s time, Cloths are more designer and they cannot be washed and need to dry cleaning or wet cleaning only. So, I can say that present as well the future of this industry is really good.





Is the franchise a good investment?

Whenever you are buying a laundry or dry-cleaning franchise you have to see which model you are buying. Many different companies are selling different models. Models depend on whether you are living in Tier 1 City or Tier 2 City. For example, Live studio will not give profit in tier 3 cities or taluka places.

Also, according to opinion FOFO (Franchise owned and franchise-operated) model is best when it comes to Dry cleaning. I preferer it because it keeps quality control and also you will be able to handle a quantum of money.  

Also, there is a difference between laundromat where laundry is done and Live studio where laundry, wet cleaning, dry cleaning, shoes cleaning, leather cleaning and sofa cleaning is done Infront of the customer and machine are set- up in the shop. Caprodo is one of the first company who was success full to make a Live studio under 25 lakh with 99% efficiency.


The franchise will be a good investment only when you chose the right model.



Final question

What should you expect while buying a laundry and dry cleaning franchise?

There are numbers of things you should expect from the company.

  • Company training.
  • Trained staff.
  • Sop
  • Marketing support.
  • Technology support.
  • Customer care


Very important, easy Exit Policies and what if the shop will not run, how the company will help you.

If you are satisfied with all of the above go and start your business. BEST OF LUCK



I have a dedicated blog on the franchise. I was in the franchise business for nearly 8 years and I know how company cheats their customer. If you want to know all click here to read in detail

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