How to start laundry and dry cleaning business | Chemical Guide
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How to start laundry and dry cleaning business | Chemical Guide

Chemicals in the laundry and dry cleaning industry

Chemicals play a very important role in the cleaning process. In any process whether dry cleaning, wet cleaning or laundry chemicals are chosen according to the fabric and also according to the desired result. There is a lot of chemicals in the market, the question is how to choose from it. Well while choosing a chemical, the brand should keep in mind if you chose cheap chemicals it will result in cheap quality and this industry is all about quality. If you have excellent quality your customer will definitely give you a higher price.

The temperature & water quality plays a very important role in the cleaning process so you must keep in mind the temperature range and the solubility of the chemicals.

Temperature: Most of the detergents work best at 45 degrees Celsius. For most of the chlorine base bleach, the temperature should be around 60-85 degrees Celsius. So you must talk to the sales representative regarding the trigger point of each chemical.

Water: We know that water is the main component in the laundry as well as wet cleaning. So we must ensure that water is soft or a softener plant should be installed. To know about the hardness of the water you can do the TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids) test. Water TDS less than 450 is best for washing.

Powdered Detergent vs Liquid Detergent

Detergents come in two different forms liquid and power. Mostly liquid form detergents are quite costly than power form.

How you can pick out between powered detergents and liquid detergents?

Powered chemicals dissolve late as compared to liquid chemicals and hence take time to produce the desired result and this results in a longer duration of the washing cycle and loss of electricity and efficiency, though powered chemicals come at a cheaper price. If we talk about the price per cent of chemicals in the whole laundry process you will find that it makes not more than 12% of the total operating cost of the process.

Well, when it’s come to liquid chemicals they dissolve in water more quickly. Do not remain on clothes after rinse and produce the desired result fast hence they are efficient and maintain quality.


Moreover in today’s time Dosing pumps are available which dispense liquid chemicals automatically direct to the washer. There are two benefits of it, 1St it maintains standard quality and 2nd it reduces the wastage of chemicals. Though liquid chemicals are more costly than powered chemicals but if you compare everything you will find out that at the end of the day liquid chemicals are much cheaper than powered chemicals and produce better standard quality.

Spotting Chemicals:

In earlier times it was really difficult to remove spots and only basic spots were removed using basic chemicals. But today you can remove maximum using an advanced chemical kit.






But before using any kit you must understand the basic nature of any stain/spot/soil

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