What is profit margin in laundry business?
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What is profit margin in laundry business?

What is the profit margin in the laundry business?

Well, the profit margin depends on what type of model you have chosen in  Laundry. With the change in the model the profit margin of the Laundry business change respectively. Though the margins are quite high they range from 38.2% to 42.27%. We will also talk about how to increase profit margin in the Laundry business.

The Profit margin in OPL on-premises Laundry of hotel and Hospital.

The profit margins of hotels in hospital OPL range from 40% to 45%. The reason for high profitability is that in OPL there is no need to pay the rent only you have to pay for the water, electricity and labour. Also, the chemical which is used in OPL of hotels and hospitals is quite cheaper than the retail Laundry as it is purchased in bulk.

The profit margin of a coin laundromat

The profit margin of a coin laundromat starts from 32% to 45%. The main reason which contributes to coil laundromat is the rent. If you are opening a coin laundromat always remember to open in an area where people have less time and more money for example PGs, hostels, and tire one cities.

A profit margin of life studio

The profit margin of a live studio range from 38% to 47%. The reason for high profitability is that no extra transportation, multiple uses of 100% programmable cleaning machine and express service given to the customer with a variety of options available in the shop. The live studio caters for laundry, dry cleaning, wet cleaning, shoe cleaning, and leather cleaning. Moreover express starch and express pricing are also available in a live studio so in our 500 ft.² shops you will be able to do more while paying less rent and fewer labour charges. To know about what is a live studio you can check our blog


If you want to install OPL or coin laundromat or a live studio. We at Caprodo provide personal consultancy as well as machines and chemicals you can call us on our toll number or WhatsApp we will be happy to serve you.

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