7 Reasons why laundry business is sooo GOOD!
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Why is a laundry business good?

Why is a laundry business good?

Well, there are hundreds of reasons that I can tell you why the laundry business is awesome. They were not only myths but they are practical. There is no doubt that you can start a laundry business at a very less price. We have written a blog on how much investment you need to start a good Laundry business. Do check it out.

Without wasting time let's start, while laundry business is good as compared to other businesses.

No credit issue.

One of the main factors, why we consider this particular point on the top, is most the business runs on credit and sometimes this credit is lost. This is the number one reason why we preferred the laundry and dry cleaning business.

No shelf life

As compared to the food industry Laundry chemicals have a life of more than five years. And the good part is they are mostly used within 2 to 3 months of the purchase. So there is no wastage.

Service industry

We all know that the highest profit percentage in all categories of business is the service industry. There is a huge profit margin in the Laundry business which range from 32% to 47%.

Local demand local supply business

As we know that we don't have to go to hundred miles to cater. The laundry business is a hyper-local demand and supply business.

Basic necessity business

As we all know in Tier 1 cities people have money but they don't have time. Both husband and wife are working and they want time for other things also. This is the basic necessity that all family needs.

If you want to know about the machinery and how to set up a good laundry business you can check our blog.


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