3 Types of laundry Business In the World
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What are the types of laundry business.

What are the types of the laundry business?

Well, very few people know about types of Laundry business in the world. In this blog, I will not only talk about the Laundry business in India but I will also talk about the global Laundry business. We have seen very few types of laundry businesses and that too depending on the local locality in which we were born. Well, there are three types of Laundry businesses.

Before starting I would also like you to suggest checking our blog on which type of laundry business is more profitable. The profitability and margins of the business depend on models. So choose the model wisely. The models depend on the area and the locality which you are serving for.

The first model in the laundry Business is the collection centre model.

A collection centre is a place where all the clothes are been collected and are outsourced to a plant. Part of its bill is charged by the plant owner to provide the collection centre owner service. This is the most commonly seen model in India. The investment is also very less and operational charges are also less. It can be a model which you can opt-in the starting.


The second model in the laundry Business is a coin laundromat

This model is very common in the European and American parts of the world. Its investment is high but the operational charges are very less. This is a self-service model in which a customer brings all his clothes to the counter where he gets a coin. This coin is used to operate the machine. This particular model is called a coin laundromat.


The third model in the laundry Business is the live studio model.

This model is very new to the world. All the machines are placed in the shop and the clothes are being processed in front of the customer. This is a multipurpose shop. We can also say that this is a one-stop solution to all the laundry and dry cleaning needs. You can also provide customer express service, which is very essential nowadays. All your dry cleaning needs, laundry needs, wet-cleaning, needs shoe Cleaning needs are being sold in the life studio model.

We also provide life studio model Franchisees all over the world. If you are interested you can contact us. To no more about life, studio click on the link below.

Link to live studio

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