What do you need for a laundry?
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What do you need for a laundry?

 What do you need for laundry?

Well, to start a laundry you don't need so many machines. The investment needs to start a Laundry depends on which type of model you select. In this blog, we will share about types of models, which model is best for which type of audience, how much money is required to start laundry, and what you actually need to start it.

If you want to start with a very low budget what you need is a washer extractor, a dryer, and a pressing table with a press. You can start a Laundry from your home also. This is a hyper-local demand and supply business so you don't have to go and search for a customer, your customer can be your neighbour also.

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Well, there are 3 Laundry models in this industry.

The first model in the Laundry industry is the coin laundromat.

A coin Laundromat is a place where machines are kept and self-service is done. One can weigh his or her clothes and a coin from the counter is given to him, he has to then put the coin into the machine and the machine will work according to the load. This type of model is very popular in Europe and America. In India tier-one cities are also starting this model. You need at least three washing machines and three dryers to start our live laundromat. Please note that no pressing service is available in this laundromat. If you want to add a pressing service you may add depending on the requirement of the customer. The investment for with which you can start a small coin laundromat is around 20,00,00 rupees.

The second model in the Laundry industry is 0PL – on-premises Laundry

0PL is set up in a hospital or a hotel. All the machines are kept in the basement. You need to only pay for the electricity, water and labour charges, you don't have to pay for the rent. There is also a minimum guarantee, with a minimum guarantee I mean to say that a hotel will sign an agreement that they will give you a minimum 200-tonne load every day. This is just a mere example it depends on the number of beds available in the hotels. The cost to start a OPL is around 35,00,00 rupees.

The third model in the Laundry industry is the hub and spoke model

In this model, a collection centre is being installed in different parts of the city and a plant is been installed on the outer periphery of the city. The reason is the rent is higher in the city so a small place is used as a collection centre. Clothes were collected in the collection centre and they are delivered by logistics to the plant, there, all the clothes are been washed and processed and the finished product will be delivered by logistic to the collection centre and from collection centre, they are delivered back to the customer the cost to start this kind of hub & spoke Laundry model is around 20 lakh. It includes three collection centres and a plant.

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