Legal formalities to start the laundromat in India.
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How can I start laundromat in India-legal formalities.

 Legal formalities to start laundry or a dry-cleaning business in India


Well if you have decided that you will step into a laundry or a dry cleaning business in India then you should also know the legal formalities and paperwork that are included in starting their business. Well don't be scared, you don't need so much paperwork to start this business in India. There are two reasons first this business is under the MSME group and 2nd this business belongs to the orange category which means that this is not harmful to the environment

You need three things to start this business.

 A firm or proprietor or private limited company.

You need to fill all the compliances by the government of India as a firm or a proprietor or a private limited company. You can ask your CA to fill out all the forms that are required to start a normal business.

No permission is required from local MCD

To start a laundry business in India you don't need any permission from the municipal corporation department as this type of business belongs to the orange category. This means that this business is not hazardous to the environment. But I will strongly recommend you use skin-friendly and biodegradable chemicals. the perc has been banned in different parts of Europe and America.

Trademark and Worldmark

Before starting your business please do trademark and word mark your business name. If you copy a name you have to pay the royalty as well as a lot of extra charges. I would strongly recommend you to start your business with a very unique name.


GST compliances in Laundry and dry cleaning

As this is a service industry, if you are turnover is not more than 20,00,00 rupees in a financial year you don't have to take a GST number. In the Laundry industry, the GST is 18%. Most of the Dry Cleaners and launderers in India include this 18% GST in the rate list.

If you have any problem regarding starting of Laundry you can connect to us on our phone number or WhatsApp us on 8800771349. We have also a facility for personal consultancy.

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