Does owing laundromat makes money
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Does owing laundromat makes money

Does owing laundromat make money?

Owing a laundromat makes a lot of money. There is no doubt that there is a lot of money in the service sector, and this is the most basic necessity business. By owning a Laundromat one can make a very handsome amount of money every month. The main thing is the type of model which he chooses. If you want to know about the profit margins involved in the laundry industry check our blogs. In this blog, we will talk about which particular model will give you how much money.

If I talk about the minimum money which you can make by starting a laundromat, from your home is around 30k to 35K on an average per month.

Average Drycleaner or a launderer makes around 90,000 to 15,00,00 rupees in India

Live laundry or live studio:

This particular type of model involved a lot of high percentage of profit. To know about what is the live studio check our blog. You can earn around 3.5,00,00 every month in a live studio model

OPL – on-premises laundry:

OPL you can earn around five lakh rupees per month as the operational cost of this model is less and there is no rent involved.

Normal Laundry:

Even normal Laundry when can earn around 50,000 to 95,000 every month on an average basis.


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