5 secret tips to increase Laundry revenue
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How do I increase Laundry revenue

How do I increase Laundry revenue?


One of the problems that early launderers face is how to increase their revenue. Here you need to understand two different things one is how to bring customers to your doorstep and how to cut your expense on your laundry. We have seen many Laundry is doing well but they are not taking any single penny at home. In this blog, we will talk about all the aspects of Laundry revenue. So without wasting any time let's start

Increase laundry revenue by increasing the price

Some of the Laundry guys, do not increase the price. The reason why they don’t increase the price is the competition, here they don't understand that their operational cost is higher than the other guys. This is the most idiotic reason for not increasing the price. If you are giving a better service, if your investment is high if you are using chemicals which are costing you, no matter what I would strongly suggest you increase your price.

Give discounts when necessary

Just to attract customers some of the laundry shops give unnecessary discounts. Which not only changes the behaviour of the customer but also hampers their profits to a great extent. We have seen so many shops close because of giving an unnecessary discount. You should not give a discount of more than 20%. All the festival discounts and other discounts should be under 20%. Try to understand Laundry business is completely different from the garment industry. Don't copy discounts from other industries you don't know their margins.

Increase your brand value

People pay a higher price for just a cup of coffee in a five-star hotel because a five-star hotel is a brand. If you are running a shop without any branding then you will not be able to compete with other brands and people pay for the brands, not for just drycleaning. Let me ask you a simple question what is the difference between jeans of Zara and local jeans. The answer is Zara is a brand that's why they are paying 7000 just for jeans. You have to be brand in your area. Then only can people will be able and willing to pay.

Market yourself boldly

Laundry is a hyper-local demand and supply business. If you want to increase the number of customers, you have to make sure that you are visible in your 5 km radius. When I say visible, I mean to say that you have to do marketing in your 5 km area. Your marketing should be in a bold way you should be visible on each and every road, market, saloon sho and snack shop etc.


Cut down your expenses

This is really very important to cut down your expenses whenever you see that there is a leakage you have to stop that. Grab a pen and paper you know where you are pouring unnecessary money note it down find a solution and stop it.

Keep learning keep washing keep earning

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