How do you calculate profit for Laundry business
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How do you calculate profit for Laundry business

How do you calculate profit for a Laundry business?

Calculation of the profit depends on two significant things.

#Number one is the model type

#Number two is the type of chemicals you use.

There is basically seven types of model. You can read our blogs I have mentioned all the models. But to this specific block, I will suggest that life studio models is the best when it comes to profit-making. Now let's discuss what we have to keep in mind while calculating the profit. There are two types of expenses

1)Fix expenses which include rent and salary

2) Variable expenses which include water chemical electricity packaging and delivery cost.


This all depends on the area to the area once you know the cost of everything add them and make an average. Then you will come to know how many clothes you should laundry or dry clean to get breakeven. Please note that the type of chemical which you are using please a very important role in the quality of the cloth so please make sure that you use authentic chemicals.


But one thing I can assure you is that there is an average profit in the Laundry business of 32.87% to 46.27%  involved in the laundry and dry cleaning industry. I am not saying this because I think, I am saying this because we have worked on core data in the past seven years.

Keep learning keep washing keep earning.

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