What it is like owning a laundromat?
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What it is like owning a laundromat?

What it is like to own a laundromat?

Owning a Laundromat is a great experience, you get to connect with a lot of your neighbours. There is no doubt that money is God but also there is no credit involved in a laundromat. There are two types of laundromats one is a coin Laundromat and the second is a pick and drop facility laundromat. This is a hyper-local demand and supply business so most of the customers are from a maximum 3 km radius. This is a need of the hour so before thinking of other businesses you must choose to own a laundromat. It is a regular source of income there is no doubt about it. So I can say that the money is good, the feeling is good and overall you will be satisfied with this business.

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