Is water used in dry cleaning?
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Is water used in dry cleaning?

No dry-cleaning is a completely water free process. There are two reasons why this process is  call dry-cleaning. Let me explain it to you in the most simple and direct way.


One – The water is not used in cleaning process and solvent is used that’s why this is called dry cleaning.

Second—the second reason is the process in which the clothes which is dry is put in the machine and it’s come out dry so the process is called dry cleaning.


All the solvents that are used in a dry cleaning process or by branded product of crude oil that is petroleum. They are orderless and colourless. Only Park is harmful for skin and it also cause cancer and this is the reason why it is banned in Europe and America. But in India it is still in use. It also damage cloth to a large extent is not used properly. So I would suggest you to use hydrocarbon multi solvent dry cleaning machine whenever you are purchasing or you can also opt for wet clinic.


The type of solvent that are used in the process of dry cleaning are:

  1. Perc
  2. Hydro carbon
  3. Silicon
  4. K4
  5. Intense
  6. Sensene
  7. Higlo
  8. C02
  9. Green Earth
  10. MTO For hand dry cleaning also know se Petrol



MTO is called white petrol because a pure MTO is mixed with kerosene oil and is adulterated. Otherwise mineral turpentine oil is hundred percent orderless and colourless solvent it is a byproduct of petroleum.




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