Is dry cleaning and laundry franchise profitable in India?
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Is dry cleaning and laundry franchise profitable in India?

I really don’t want to bias my opinion but the fact is Laundry franchisee or not profitable but dry-cleaning Franchisee a profitable and the most perfect profitable model is life studio model in which you can do dry cleaning you can do what cleaning you can do laundry you can do leather cleaning as well as shoe clean and you can do starch in just 15 minutes.



India is a very different country when it’s come to laundry dry-cleaning industry and the main reason of this industry is that this is one of the most unorganized industries in India. There is no training Institute in India. There is no trained labor. Customer want and drop facility in less time in in less price. The other reason is also that India is not prepared for Laundry business and the reason is India is a time reaching the Money poor country.




If you want to take Franchise please do consider their core. In the core is education and educated labor class which they will provide you how. The second thing that you should consider is the after Franchisee sales support. If you consider these two things in mind by purchasing a Franchisee you will not be in loss.

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