What is laundry and dry cleaning business?
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What is laundry and dry cleaning business?

The laundry and dry cleaning business is the business in the service industry. In this blog we will talk about Laundry first and then dry cleaning business so without wasting any time let’s get started.

What is laundry business?

A laundry business is a business in which clothes or been washed either in the same shop or they are collected in a shop and then washed in a separate plant. There is also a model in which coins are used to start the machine, this particular system is called coin laundry mat. In India clothes are also being washed in a Dhobi Ghat. Cleaning of clothes with the help of water is called Laundry. This is a hyper local demand and supply business. This is an necessity business. If you want to start a laundry business you are in the right place we have answered all the questions asked in the laundry business in all our blocks do check it out. The profit percentage in laundry business is more than 42%. To start a laundry business you need a washer extractor, dryer, two press table, a boiler and a computer system to handle all your work. If you want to start a laundry business we are giving a live studio Franchisee do check it out.

What is dry cleaning busines?

A dry cleaning business is a business in which clothes are cleaned with the help of solvent or the method of wet cleaning. Dry-cleaning is more profitable than laundry, dry-cleaning is a game of quality where Laundry is a game of quantity. If you don’t get quantity Laundry you will be at loss. The processing charge that you receive from your customer is higher than a single piece of laundry. In India I have seen that Dry Cleaners rich  and Dhobies are poor. To know what are the requirement of machines you need to start a dry cleaning business do check our blogs. If you have any enquiry to comment

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