How much does it cost to set up a dry cleaners in India?
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How much does it cost to set up a dry cleaners in India?

Well you don’t need a much amount of money as we have a substitute for the dry cleaning machine. Let’s find out in this blog what you need to start a dry cleaning shop and which model is the best.


How much does it cost to set up a dry cleaners in India?



To set up for Drycleaner in India first you need to understand that in India dry-cleaning is not done. Yes this is a bitter truth of Indian industry that washing my hand is sold in the name of dry cleaning. I can count Dry Cleaners on my fingers who have actual dry-cleaning machine. The reason being the machine cost around 48,00,00 rupees. The local PERC machine Stallone 13,00,00 rupees. So the collection Centre that you see in your nearby area or nothing but hand wash centres. So if you don’t have so much money then how you can set up a dry cleaning.

The answer is in new technology which we called wet cleaning. What cleaning is substitute to dry cleaning more than 80% of the dry cleaning clothes are processed in bed cleaning. If you want to know all about weight cleaning you can purchase our book. The machines of wet cleaning or far more cheaper then dry cleaning machine. They cost around eight lakh rupees moreover you can do leather cleaning, laundry shoe cleaning and wet cleaning in the same machine.


So these are the machines and they are price which you need to start a dry cleaning set up

Multi solvent hydrocarbon machine


Wet cleaning machine

Dryer programmable

Press table


Spotting table


The total set up to strat dry cleaning business will cost you around 20,00,00 rupees excluding the dry cleaning machine.

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