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Is commercial laundry business profitable?

Yes there is no doubt that commercial Laundry business is profitable. When I say commercial Laundry I mean to say OPL which means on premises laundry. These commercial laundry businesses are profitable because there is no credit, there is MG means minimum guarantee, you don’t have to pay the rent because you are set up is installed in either hospital or hotel. Only thing which you have to pay is chemical cost, electricity bill and labour charges.



Other than OPL commercial Laundry business is profitable in retail segment also. In the retail segment the commercial Laundry is called laundromat. There are two kinds of laundromats, the one is coin laundry mat and the second one is self service laundromat. Both are profitable in Europe and America. But in India they are not profitable, the reason is India is a many poor and the time which country. This mean that 99% of the population is happy to wash the clothes at home.


Laundry whether retail or commercial is successful only in OPL in city’s like Gurgaon and Bangalore.

If you want to start a commercial business considered that the profit margins range from 32% to 38% in commercial Laundry business, this is pure profit in your pocket.


If you want to install and 1PL then you can connect to us we will guide you and help you in purchasing all the machine the best of OPL starts from 20, lakh and it range to 1CR

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