How do you calculate profit for laundry business?
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How do you calculate profit for laundry business?

Calculating the profit of Laundry is quite difficult but there is a simple way to let’s start.



The reason why Laundry profit calculation is difficult because there are number of variety of factors which one should consider. The main factors are


  1. Cost of packaging
  2. Cost of electricity per load cycle
  3. Cost of chemical
  4. Cost of pressing
  5. Rent
  6. Labour salary


The simple method to calculate the cost is to add up all the cost and divide by the number of factors, this mean that no matter what cloth you process in your laundry you have to take an average cost this is the golden rule. When we calculated our profit in Laundry will get the same method. The profit also depend on your MRP, once the cost of Chemical or the other things have been increase you should also increase the MRP. This is the reason why most of the laundry work in loss-making model. One more thing here I want to add is Laundry is a game of quantity not quality. When you are opening and laundromat try to do laundry in KG as much as possible,.



The profit involve in laundry business is around 32% to 42%. This is not margin this is profit.


This profit may vary from country to country and from city to city. The factor which affect the profit for rent, salary of labour, cost of chemical and packaging. If you are able to handle your purchasing in less price then you will also get a good profit.

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