How can I start a dry cleaning business in India?
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How can I start a dry cleaning business in India?

Truly speaking, you can ask for Franchisee. If you want to start a business I would suggest you to 1st go and learn. You can also learn from Caprodo Institute of laundry and dry cleaning. Starting of business is not very difficult in this segment let’s see how you can start dry cleaning business in India.


We at Caprodo also gave Franchisee of a live studio which is better then just for dry cleaning business. There are many reasons, some of the reasons are you can do all the processing in the shop and that to express whether it’s Laundry, dry-cleaning, wet cleaning, shoe cleaning, leather cleaning and express starch.



To start a dry cleaning business in India you don’t need license as dry cleaning business comes in orange category. You started writing in business in India first you need to find a good location.



Location please a very important role when it’s come to service industry. Retaining business is a hyper local demand and supply business. It means all your customer is within the radius of 5 km, so choose your locality wisely.



The machine of dry-cleaning is called multi solvent hydrocarbon machine, or PERC machine. PRC machine is banned in Europe and America. The multi solvent hydrocarbon machine will cost you around 48,00,00 rupees. You can also do dry cleaning in a wet cleaning machine which is a substitute of dry cleaning. To know every thing about dry cleaning you can check our blogs. Other than this you need two press table, two boilers, sporting table, a dryer and a hydro. You will also need sun Dry area to dry the clothes.



Skilled labour: why I am adding this topic in this blog is , there is no trained labour class in the field of laundry and dry cleaning in India. So you can also contact us to have a skilled labour. We are providing skilled labour for OPL, retail Laundry, dry cleaning etc.



NOTICE :Learn before you open a dry cleaning shop

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