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You will be surprised to know that laundry and Dry cleaning market is worth Rs 5200 Cr in India. The problem is that this market is unorganised. There are no institute and skilled labour but still, it is somehow surviving. It was in 2018 that the market was been explore.


Why you should take Caprodo master franchise this is a billion-dollar Question?

The problem is machine makers and machine sellers are not dry cleaners. Software selling companies are not a dry cleaner and even chemical sellers are not dry cleaners and moreover other business models selling companies are not Dry cleaner. We at Caprodo are actually dry cleaner and we have worked on data and not on assumptions. 

And this is the reason why we are able to make a 99.9% efficient LIVE STUDIO for dry cleaning and Laundry and 100% efficient Premium Dry cleaning studio which is one of its kind in India.

There are all some other reasons which as an investor you will find interesting

  1. Recognised by the government of India as a startup. ( Download certificate)
  2. Patented wash programme | Pappy wash - The advance wet cleaning |. - No competitor can copy the quality of caprodo.
  3. Institute of trained skilled professional- First in India.
  4. Exclusive tie-up with Supporting companies.
  5. India's first Live studio with 99.9% efficiency in LOW COST.- | Based on Sop and Principal |

Download our Pitch Deck. To know all about the Market.

Why we are one of the best dry cleaners in India?

Caprodo is the best dry cleaner or not you have to judge but we can tell you why?

We think we are the best because we have-

  1. Live studio with 99.9% efficiency.
  2. Patented wash programme ( First in India )- No competitor can copy us.
  3. Certifications.
  4. 100% green detergent. ( environment friendly)
  5. Leather cleaning. (Advance)
  6. 100% programable machine.
  7. Tie-up with big companies. ( Cost-effective)
  8. Car cleaning ( Onsight and off sight)
  9. Sofa cleaning ( Onsight)
  10. Express Press service.
  11. Laundry/premium. 
  12. Wet cleaning. ( Advance)
  13. Premium Hand dry cleaning (smell free) for Designer complex garments.


We have one tag line for the company

" You do things professionally you get the professional results"


What are the Scopes as Master Franchise?

As a master franchisee, you can work for Hospitals, Hostels etc. Moreover, as you are the head of the state, every work will be done under your name. You will be the head of all the franchise coming in the area. You will be the director of the institute in your state and MUCH MORE...


What support do you get from us?

You will get complete guidance in regard to dry cleaning and laundry business. All the technical part will be handled by the company. You will get marketing support, online as well as offline and much more...


Qualification for the master franchise?

  • You must have at least 5 years of experience in the business with minimum turn over of 5 Cr. 
  • You should not be involved in politics directly.
  • No Property dealer and Builder will be given the master franchise.



We know you have a lot of Question in your mind.

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