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Do you want to start you own laundry and dry cleaning business, step into the Future of laundry and Dry cleaning franchise.

In earlier days people use to give their clothes to the shopkeeper and he uses to take them to (Area51) a secret place. If you ask the customer what is dry cleaning he/she will say petrol wash. 


Live studio-Future of laundry and Dry cleaning business.

We started our first live studio in 2017 but it was only 60-65% efficient due to Techincal factors. NOW Caprodo proudly announces that we are able to make one of its kind, first in India, 99.9% efficient live studio.

The lives studio is the future of Dry clean and laundry business. It includes both dry cleaning and laundromat. Now our customers can get express service here.


Why we are one of the best dry cleaners in India?

Caprodo is the best dry cleaner or not you have to judge but we can tell you why 

We think we are the best because we have-

  1. Live studio with 99.9% efficiency.
  2. Patented wash programme.( First in India )- No competitor can copy us.
  3. Certifications.
  4. 100% green detergent. ( environment friendly)
  5. Leather cleaning. (Advance)
  6. 100% programable machine. 
  7. Tie-up with big companies. ( Cost-effective)
  8. Car cleaning. ( Onsight and off sight)
  9. Sofa cleaning. ( Onsight)
  10. Express press service.
  11. Laundry/premium. 
  12. Wet cleaning. ( Advance)
  13. Premium Hand dry cleaning (smell free) for Designer complex garments.


Cost to set up laundry and dry cleaning business

Our franchise cost 22 lakh 

It includes everything, complete set up of machines, infrastructure cost, franchise fee, chemical, packaging material and also most important Pooja cost.


What support you get from Caprodo?

  1. Trained staff.
  2. Online marketing support.
  3. Offline marketing guidance.
  4. Your Training.
  5. Software.
  6. Commitment 


If you Still have questions in you mind Download Complete set.

Download 1-Company profile.

Download 2- Franchise Proposal.

Download 3- Frequently asked Questions Live studio.

Download 4- Rates Dry cleaning.

Download 5- Rates Premium laundry.

Download 6- Other Costing.





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