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Dry clean

Dry clean is a process in which chemical solvent other than water is used.


Caprodo is first in class to Introduce Hygienic Laundry with 12 fragrances.

Wet clean

Its the latest technology. It uses water as a base rather than the solvent.

Deep sofa cleaning

The sofa is clean with form base, all spots are removed....

Deep Car cleaning

A person is judged by how he keeps his car.


A careless garment make a day perfect! It's not important to wear costly it's important to wear clean.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

A clean carpet matters a lot. A clean carpet shows how clean is the house.

Shoes Dry clean and Laundry

A person's personality is reflected in his shoes.

Soft toys Dry cleaning

Toys are more than Friends and we love to make friends.

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